Michael Ingleston is our volunteer patient representative.

Michael has attended the Immunology Service since 1993 and currently serves on the Patient Representative Panel of the patient organisation Primary Immunodeficiency UK (PIDUK) .

As volunteer patient representative, Michael is happy to liaise with the Immunology team to propose any improvements to the service or raise on practical issues you may be experiencing. 

He can be contacted on the following email address: piduk.nipatientrep@gmail.com


Patient consultation meetings commenced


On 9/3/2016, Mr Michael Inglestone and Dr David Edgar met at the Immunology Day Centre to formally initiate a regular patient consultation process. A very useful discussion occurred,  covering a wide range of issues and a summary will be posted here in the near future.  It is planned that this will be the first of a series of regular meetings, so if there are any issues you would lie raised, please let Michael know.