Regional Immunology Service

Northern Ireland

Outpatient clinics

We run both doctor and nurse led clinics and see both adults and selected paediatric referrals. Patients are referred either by their GP or another specialist.

All referrals are triaged and graded on receipt by the consultant team. In some cases written advice will be provided rather than an outpatient appointment.

Our schedule of clinics is listed here. In our medical clinics we operate a "shared care model" meaning that key decisions in investigation and treatment are discussed by the medical team after clinic and you may not see the same doctor at every visit.

We also operate specialist drug allergy clinics, a shared respiratory clinic at the City hospital and a shared paediatric clinic with colleagues from paediatric infectious disease and respiratory medicine.





Clinic Schedule
Clinic       Day       Time       Location
Children's   Tuesday   morning   RBHSC
Lung Defence    Tuesday  



Adult (1)   Wednesday   morning   RVH
Adult (2)   Thursday   afternoon   RVH