What to do if I suspect immunodeficiency?

Serious, persistent, unusual or recurrent infections may occur as a result of anatomical abnormalities, primary (PID) or secondary immunodeficiencies (SID: as a result of immunosuppressive medication, chronic illness, malnutrition, malignancy, HIV etc).

The following links are helpful in identifying  if and when referral may be required.




Managing infection in PID/SID patients.

Patients with PID/SID are prone to developing community acquired infection and in general should receive high dose antibiotics for longer courses than the non PID/SID population (eg: 14 days oral antibiotics rather than conventional 5-7 days treatment). http://piduk.org/static/media/upPIDUKantibiotics.pdf

Immunisation for patients with PID/SID.

Live vaccinations are contraindicated in PID/SID (refer to Green Book for up to date list). However despite the fact that responses may be incomplete, it is important to keep other immunisations up to date, especially the annual flu vaccine and pneumococcal immunisation.