When should I prescribe and adrenaline autoinjector (AAI)? There are several types of autoinjector currently available: EpiPen, Jext and Emerade. All can be prescribed in primary care for people at risk of anaphylaxis, typically from food allergy ( nuts, shellfish), venom ( bee, wasp) or other less common triggers. Patients with drug allergy rarely require an AAI.

If prescribing an AAI it is essential that the patient is instructed in its use, including the  clinical features that should prompt AAI use ( this can be undertaken by doctors, nurses or pharmacists). http://bsaci.org/Guidelines/adrenaline-auto-injector

Management of chronic urticaria and angiodema: Urticaria (hives) and angiodema (swelling) occurring regularly without obvious or consistent triggers for at least 6 weeks responds well to regular  high dose antihistamines http://patient.info/doctor/urticaria-pro. There may be additional aggravating factors to avoid/manage including stress, infection, menstruation, alcohol, NSAIDs and ACE inhibitors.