Our Staff

Dr David Edgar
Consultant Immunologist


Dr Hiba Shendi
Consultant Immunologist


Dr Lisa Devlin
Consultant Immunologist


Mr Sean Conlan
Immunology Services Manager


Day centre staff

Consultant Immunologists
Dr David Edgar
Dr Lisa Devlin
Dr Hiba Shendi

Speciality Registrars

Dr Cathal Steele
Dr Matthew Doré

Immunology nursing service co-ordinators
Deborah Kealey
Denise Florence

Immunology nurses
Carol Elliott
Samantha Henry

Allergy Nurse Specialists
Alison Donnelly
Maureen McVeigh

Health Care Support Worker
Helen Nellis

Administrative staff
Angela Hurley
Angela McCusker
Sharon Cunningham
Sarah Larkin


What can I expect when I attend the Immunology Day Centre?


Attendances at the Immunology Day Centre are normally booked in advance.

You will be greeted by day ward secretarial staff who will register your attendance and ensure that your clinical notes are available. If you cannot attend your scheduled appointment please let nursing or secretarial staff know so that this slot may be given to someone else.

Everything possible is done to keep waiting times in the Immunology Day Centre to a minimum, however, delays can occur. You can help us by attending at your appointed time. If you attend early we may not be able to see you until your appointment time.

It is important to realize that in certain circumstances patients may be seen in order of clinical need rather than appointment time.



Our commitments to you.


We are committed to providing a high quality, evidence-based service for patients with primary and secondary immunodeficiencies, allergic and autoimmune diseases.

We are committed to a regular cycle of audit and quality improvement with the aim of enhancing patient care.

We are committed to compliance with all Belfast Trust targets including those on hygiene and waiting times.

If we fall short of these high standards it is important that you let us know. Additionally if there are things we are doing well, please tell us. Your doctor or nurse will be happy to advise you on ways to provide your feedback.

Patient information

Online information is available on a number of conditions managed at the Immunology Day Centre, please see the following pages for web links. Feel free to ask your doctor or nurse if you have any questions or difficulty accessing information.